Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden sleeps with the fishes?

 A 10 year manhunt culminates in the death of Osama Bin Laden. In the streets of Washington DC, immediately following the announcement, American are seen celebrating and cheering. Above picture is related. While I admit it has the appearance of a great success for the administration and the intelligence community, I have questions.

  Assuming the terrorist leader is dead, does this change our objectives in Afghanistan?
  Body is dumped at sea. Convenient?
  DNA testing is not complete as of Monday morning. Did we get the right man?
  How swift will the repercussions be?

 Comments, as always, are welcome and will remain unedited.


  1. This goes back to what I said before. You know how it is said that the elitists never let a tragedy go to waste. Well, this is the other side of that very same idea.While this is not a tragedy, this can be, and I'm convinced will be used as a way to justify more "Big Brother knows best" moves within our system. Before the president even spoke last night you began to hear things being said such as, "We are really going to have to be more alert than ever now.The threat against our security will be even bigger than before." The president himself said, " We will be even more vigilant at home and abroad." I say this....With the ridiculous lengths that security has gone to in airports and at public events, if something does happen within our own borders then something is fucked up. I mean, if a six year old girl can't pass through the airport without being molested by the TSA and subjected to a naked body scan, then what chance does a jerk off with a bomb up his ass have getting through? The wars will continue. Gas will still be high and soldiers will continue to die. But that's just my 2 pennies...The above picture speaks volumes.

  2. I agree with Wes's statement that further crackdowns on our personal freedoms are in order. This will be cemented if a retaliatory strike follows swiftly. I'm very interested to see the world's reaction to the news.


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