Wednesday, May 4, 2011

As Precicted........

Our government refuses to show us valid proof of bin-Laden's death. People that I know call me a conspiracy theorist. I really don't care. I thought that this was supposed to be the high "transparency" administration. I'm sure I remember the words coming out of his mouth.

Remember this speech from 2009? I'm not partisan. I distrust all politicians equally, and regardless of color.

That being said, I enjoyed this verbal punishment Trump gets from the President.


  1. It doesnt surprise me that they're being not being transparent with this, a quick in-out operations, and then they dump his body into the ocean shortly after? Very suspicious. I hate to be the guy who people call a conspiracy theorist but this reeks of failure, perhaps they caught a double and found out afterwards or something

  2. Maybe it will just take some time for Obama to come up with a death certificate haha

  3. I say the same, when Hussein was caugth the goverment even showed his execution. And now, that the most important terrorist in the world, was 'killed', they didn't show anything.

  4. I agree, im very suspicious about the whole thing

  5. Good Post, it does make sense to keep the picture under wraps for awhile to not appear boastful. I'm a republican, but I respect how Obama is choosing to keep them low-key in order to lower the terrorist's frustration, anger, and backlash.